Clean Currents 2023

Student Industry Knowledge Exchange (SIKE)

The purpose of the Student-Industry Knowledge Exchange (SIKE) Event – held during lunch in CC Central – is to bring together industry professionals with university students from all over the United States who are gathered in Cincinnati.

In a guided networking exercise, students will learn from industry about different pathways to renewable energy jobs, particularly those in water power, and discover new career opportunities. In turn, industry professionals will learn about students’ interests and expectations for burgeoning careers in water power, and meet potential new hires.

The SIKE Event is cohosted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Water Power Technologies Office, the Hydropower Foundation, and the National Hydropower Association (NHA).
Administered by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Hydropower Foundation, the Hydropower Collegiate Competition is a student-based competition designed to challenge undergraduate and graduate students to address complex, modern hydropower challenges.
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