October 7-10 | Oregon Convention Center | Portland, Oregon

Host utilities for 2024

Who Should Attend and Why

Clean Currents 2024

All Involved in Waterpower Have a Place at Clean Currents 2024

Power Producers / Generators
Project Developers
Manufacturers / Suppliers
Service Providers
Government Agencies

Resource Agencies
Research Entities
Non-Profit Organizations
Financial Entities

Venture Capitalists / Financiers
Regional Development or Innovation Organizations
Technology Incubators, Accelerators
Power Marketers, ITOs / ISOs
Young Professionals

Join Your Colleagues in Portland to:

  • Benefit from peer-to-peer learning
  • Make meaningful connections with peers that share similar issues
  • Explore the latest waterpower solutions from across the hydropower supply chain that will improve your operations
  • Earn meaningful certification for professional development—Clean Currents will offer 13.5 professional development hours to attendees

Listen to what hydropower professionals have to say about the waterpower industry’s premiere trade show + conference – Clean Currents:

Need more convincing? Read why waterpower professionals attended Clean Currents.

The Inclusive Current

Clean Currents recognizes waterpower professionals have a variety of job functions — not all attendees need or want the same information. With that in mind, Clean Currents offers specific content and experiences for the:

Benefits for Attending: Beyond the Industry

Clean Currents is where professionals from across the entire water power community come together. Here are 5 benefits you’ll receive by attending Clean Currents.

  • Come Together on Climate Change
    With representatives from tribes and First Nations, environmental and river organizations, resource agencies, regulators, government research agencies, and the waterpower industry all in the room, Clean Currents provides the ideal opportunity for you to come together and collaborate on ways to address climate solutions, conservation challenges as well as natural resource preservation.
  • Discover the Latest Solutions
    Clean Currents is the place to explore new technologies and innovations in the waterpower industry, including new ways of managing fish passage and protection, environmental monitoring, and licensing processes. You will dialogue with manufacturers, service/product providers, project owners and developers and will leave Clean Currents more informed on the latest technological advances in the sector.
  • Integrate Your Learning
    Experience “CC Central” – our integrated approach to learning – which places education, access to innovations in waterpower-related technology and solutions, and networking opportunities all in one place. Sessions on regulatory processes, policy and licensing updates, case studies, and scientific advancements will give you tools for more-informed decision making. You’ll also have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the challenges in balancing effective resource management and energy production. Immerse yourself in this highly engaging model of learning.

    *Earn 13.5 Professional Development Hours just by attending.
  • Share Your Knowledge
    You will have a seat at the table when all the key players in the water power community come together in Portland, Oregon at Clean Currents 2024. Ensure that your knowledge and expertise are shared with your peers and counterparts through formal and informal discussions at Clean Currents.
  • Participate in a Cost-Effective, Invaluable Experience
    Clean Currents was designed with the whole water power community in mind, and there is truly something for everyone this year in Portland. Past attendees have described Clean Currents as an invaluable, cost-effective experience that is unmatched in the field. Attendees bring back knowledge worth sharing that they could not get anywhere else. With the whole industry in one place, you and your organization will have a voice in important conversations on the future of water power.

Why I Attend Clean Currents

Read why waterpower professionals attended Clean Currents.

“The National Hydropower Association (NHA), with the support of its membership through the collection of dues and revenue from events such as Clean Currents, has become a stronger voice than ever before that is producing real results in policy. These achievements make the U.S. hydropower industry stronger and place it on a firmer foundation better prepared to compete with more highly funded renewables such as solar and wind. These actions strengthen the industry and that strengthens our bottom line.”

Paul S. Meeks

President | Worthington Products, Inc.

“To network with other Hydro Generation owners, contractors, and consultants. By networking with other Hydro Power industry professionals, you are able to obtain key strategic contact info that may benefit you in the future. Hydro Generation is a small community and by attending Clean Currents you are able to see all the key industry players all in one place and all at the same time.“

Phillip Cantarinha, PE, PMP, IAM, MBA

Director of Power Systems | KGS Group International Inc. USA

“Voith Hydro is once again a sponsor, exhibitor, and attendee of Clean Currents because the event provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas, learn about new products, interact with some of the most advanced technologies, and of course, network with other industry leaders. It is also the only waterpower conference that directly benefits our industry by reinvesting proceeds into the ongoing success of waterpower in the United States.”

Stanley Kocon

CEO | Voith Hydro Inc.

“NHA has a strong history of representing and advocating for our industry. As an active member of NHA, I’m attending Clean Currents to hear from key leaders, network, share with and learn from others about our industry’s hot topics, and discuss the latest technology with experts on the exhibit floor.”

Chris Mattson

Power Generation Manager | Tacoma Power

“Clean Currents will be the biggest and, I believe, the best conference in the hydropower industry this year. Stakeholders from all parts of the industry will be present to share best practices, lessons learned, and the newest technology available. Duke Energy is proud to be co-hosting Clean Currents 2023 and we are excited to see you there. For anyone in the hydropower industry – this is a conference you don’t want to miss.”

Randy Herrin, PE

Vice President Carolinas Regulated Renewables & Lake Services | Duke Energy

“When I started going to NHA conferences, I went almost exclusively for the content. Over time, I realized that the content is what brings us together, but the most valuable aspect of the conference is the networking that happens around the content. Many times, I solved problems or made valuable new connections with colleagues from elsewhere in the industry during the breaks between the sessions that I never would have made, but not for getting together in person.

The content is great, by itself.

The content brings us together.

The greatest value comes not from the content, but from being together.”

Alvin Thoma

Retired from PG&E

“I look forward to attending Clean Currents where I will learn the latest hot topics, like an update on new FERC Part 12D inspection requirements; as well as, to connect with new or reconnect with my colleagues on a bike ride or other casual activities.”

Donald P. Nims, Jr., PE

Principal | Bergmann

“Because it is truly THE North American hydro event. This is where we can at the same time meet customers and suppliers, present and learn on hydro hot topics and newly developed solutions, while maintaining and growing relationship with the hydro family community.”

Daniel Langlois, TP

Senior Sales Manager, Hydro Services | GE Renewable Energy Canada Inc

“I am attending Clean Currents because it is specifically geared towards meeting the needs of the industry and all proceeds from the event are used by NHA to advance waterpower. Clean Currents is the industry’s premier event. It’s a one-stop shop, where I can learn about the latest technologies, development trends, operations and dam safety advancements, and regulatory and legislative initiatives, while spending time making meaningful connections with suppliers, developers, owners and regulators. I am also attending Cleaning Currents to see old friends and make some new ones and to have a lot of fun!”

Thomas St John

Project Manager | Alabama Company

“I am coming to Clean Currents because my clients and teaming partners are going to be there. Clean Currents is the premier event for Hydropower in the US from a content and attendance perspective.”

Thomas Fitzgerald, PE

Principal | Schnabel Engineering

“Hydropower is on the menu. 33% of NorthWestern’s electric generation is hydropower so we want a seat at the table where hydro policy, technology, and licensing are discussed”.

Mary Gail Sullivan

Director, Environmental & Lands Permitting & Compliance | Northwestern Energy

“As a Board member of NHA and the US Sales Director for Voith Hydro, there is no better place to be this October than the Clean Currents conference. From industry and customer meetings to sharing new and innovative approaches from Voith Hydro to helping shape the future policies and direction of hydropower in the US, Clean Currents forms a powerful nucleus for the US hydropower industry to strengthen and grow generation of clean, renewable energy across the nation and beyond.”

Carl Atkinson

Director of Sales (US) | Voith Hydro Inc.

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