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FAQ: Power Producers

Clean Currents 2024


Who is this offer for?This offer is open only to professionals currently employed at power producing organizations.

**Available to any company or organization that owns and operates conventional hydro, pumped storage, or marine energy projects that generate electricity.**


How does registration work?

An individual Power Producer employee registers for Clean Currents 2024 as either a NHA member Power Producer or Standard Power Producer (see 1st screenshot below of what to choose on the first page of registration).
Upon completion of the registration, the individual will receive an email confirmation from registration@hydro.org of his/her registration that contains a one-time use code that he/she can share with another colleague. (Check your spam or junk email – because the email is coming from registration@hydro.org, it might not go immediately to your inbox.)
The colleague is entitled to a complimentary registration. To claim the complimentary registration, he/she needs to register before September 7. He/she will go to the same page to register, but will enter the code he/she has at the bottom of the first page (see 2nd screen shot below). He/she will be prompted to enter the name of the person who gave him/her the code.

When does the offer expire?May 15th, 2024 at 11:59 PM


When does the code expire?

  • The bonus registration code will expire on September 7, 2024.
  • If the person fails to register by September 7, the offer expires.
  • However, a registration can be transferred from one employee to another employee at any time without any additional charge.

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