October 7-10 | Oregon Convention Center | Portland, Oregon

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About Clean Currents

Clean Currents 2024

The Basics

Dates: October 7 – 10, 2024

Event Location: Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Oregon

Questions: 816.588.4639 or send an email.

The Official All-Encompassing Waterpower Event That’s for the Industry, by the Industry.

Clean Currents—the official waterpower trade show + conference of the non-profit National Hydropower Association—heads to Portland, Oregon in 2024.

Whether you call it the Rose CityStumptown, or the Bridge City, Portland, Oregon is one of our nation’s top destinations for waterpower excellence.

Portland plays a significant role in waterpower, as a major port city nestled along the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.

The Federal Columbia River Power System, operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Bureau of Reclamation, features more than 30 hydroelectric projects, with a full capacity of more than 22,000 megawatts of power.

Designed with industry input and driven by industry needs, proceeds from Clean Currents will fund NHA’s work to secure waterpower’s place as a climate-friendly, renewable, and reliable energy source that serves national environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives. At Clean Currents, you’ll see that Hydro is Heading toward a more sustainable future for the industry!

6 Reasons to Attend Clean Currents

CONNECT with the right people from across an invested waterpower community. More than a thousand waterpower professionals are expected to attend, from our core community of power producers to industry suppliers/partners and subject matter experts.
MAXIMIZE your professional development dollars. Clean Currents makes learning from peers throughout the North American waterpower industry easy and efficient. Just a few focused days away from your desk sets you up for long-term success in your role.
EXPLORE the latest solutions from across the waterpower supply chain. Learn how to improve operations, ensure safety, and support environmental sustainability.
EXPERIENCE innovation and visionary thinking and gain new insights. Hear from speakers with an eye toward the future and engage in thought-provoking discussions.
BUILD the clean energy future. Capitalize on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs and the Inflation Reduction Act, drive innovation, address waterpower workforce development, and find answers to industry challenges.
SUPPORT your industry’s advocate. Reinvested proceeds from Clean Currents help fund the National Hydropower Association’s advocacy efforts for the waterpower industry – improving the industry for all of us.

See our “Who Should Attend” section for more reasons to join us in Portland!

The Clean Currents Story | Here for the Hydro!

By the Industry. For the Industry. For Now and Into the Future.

The headwaters that formed the National Hydropower Association’s Clean Currents tradeshow + conference originated from a desire throughout the waterpower community that it was time for the industry, in particular, NHA, to develop a bold, new event that would bring the industry together for the betterment of the industry.

The vision was an event dedicated to advancing conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro, and marine energy as reliable and flexible sources of clean energy now and into the future. This vision aligned with NHA’s growth and evolution in its leadership to position waterpower for success in the decades to come.

We Began With Industry Feedback …

We started by listening to waterpower’s generators, manufacturers, and suppliers. In 2018, NHA began to solicit input from members and non-members on industry event wants and needs. Our process included in-depth listening sessions with NHA members.

As a result of the input we were gathering, the NHA Board of Directors created a “New Event” Advisory Committee in 2019. The committee was charged with setting in motion a plan to develop a new waterpower event that would launch in 2021

.… Then Created Clean Currents to Meet Industry Needs

The constructive dialogue and insights gathered during our listening phase guided us to design the Clean Currents experience around:

A key driver in the creation of Clean Currents was the observation by NHA and industry representatives that the returns on investments in national events were not necessarily flowing back into the industry.

Proceeds from Clean Currents fund NHA’s work to secure hydropower’s place as a climate-friendly, renewable, and reliable energy source that serves national environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives.

We identified a need for a “space” that would foster industry research and development, information exchange, and innovation. This is critical to help the industry grow its current 101 gigawatts (GW) of capacity by nearly 50 GW by 2050, as outlined in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Hydropower Vision report, published in 2016. Facilitating innovation is also critical to harnessing the potential 90 GW from marine energy estimated by the U.S. hydropower industry.

We’re thinking forward! A spirit of innovation and growth flows through all aspects of Clean Currents—from conference programming to the tradeshow floor. Together, we will explore ways to leverage promising new technologies along with proven products and solutions to increase hydropower generation.

There was a general consensus among those we spoke with that other national hydropower events don’t offer the desired mix of owner/operator attendees and industry vendors, which are over-represented. Power producers support Clean Currents—1 in every 3 attendees of Clean Currents 2022 was a power producer. 39% of 2021 attendees were waterpower industry leaders and decision-makers.

Prior to the formation of Clean Currents, there wasn’t one event that would allow all sectors of the waterpower industry to convene, communicate and collaborate. Clean Currents brings together professionals from conventional hydropower, pumped storage, small hydro, marine energy, government agencies, regulators, NGOs, and consultants. Clean Currents continues to attract a full spectrum of industry roles, including executive leadership, engineers, portfolio managers, operations superintendents/managers, portfolio managers, general managers, and subject matter experts. See our “Who Should Attend” section for more reasons to join us in Portland!

Industry perceptions of education opportunities available at other national events are that they are too focused on technical education or that the content changes little from year to year. Furthermore, exhibiting organizations do not have access to educational programming. Clean Currents’ educational programming is unique, comprehensive, accessible, and driven by industry thought leaders. Topics include safety, security, markets, environmental enhancement, engineering, operations and maintenance, licensing/regulatory, and more.

About NHA

The National Hydropower Association is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the growth of clean, affordable US waterpower in all of its forms, ranging from conventional hydropower to pumped storage to marine energy. It seeks to secure waterpower’s place as a climate-friendly, renewable, and reliable energy source that serves national environmental, energy, and economic policy objectives.

NHA represents more than 300 organizations in the North American waterpower industry, from Fortune 500 corporations to family-owned small businesses. Our members include both public and investor-owned utilities, independent power producers, developers, manufacturers, product and service providers, environmental and engineering consultants, attorneys, and public policy, outreach, and education professionals.

All proceeds from Clean Currents will go directly toward funding the work of NHA.

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