Clean Currents 2023

Unlocking the Behavior of Generator Stator Foundations

This workshop focuses on generator stator foundation design, forensics, and restoration. Participants will take a “deep dive” into where the machine meets structural mass concrete.

Participants will:
— Learn about function and design of generator stator foundations
— Explore recent case studies in repair, retrofit, and installation of major generating equipment
— Share experiences/best practices through an open forum discussion

Specific topics to be discussed include:
— The function of each foundation component (foundation anchors, embedded steel foundation, shear keys, grout, radial dowels, jack screws, hold down bolts/nuts) and performance over time.
— Forensics and Following the Forces: examination of detailed as-built drawings and assessment of field data.
— When Things Go Wrong: Generator ‘Upset’ (Out-of-phase Synchronization), Vibrations/Harmonics, Machine Thermal Expansion/Contraction.
— Maintenance, Inspection, Repair & Installation: Damaged Concrete and Grout, Walking Radial Dowels, The Right Bolt Torque.

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Presenter Information

Sharon Demeaux

Sharon Demeaux
Structural Section Chief, Hydroelectric Design Center
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

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