Clean Currents 2022

Sawer Dam Case Study: Development Process for Low Head Sites

Bawitik Power Corporation sought to develop a generating station at Sawer Creek Dam on the Otonabee River near the town of Lakefield, Ontario, Canada, and retained KGS Group to lead the development.

With 3.2 meters of head, the team concluded the challenge would be economic rather than technical and a phased development process was used that optimizes both. The technical solution was developed using a Set Based Design approach and extensive turbine market soundings. This was coordinated with an Early Contractor Involvement approach to simultaneously optimize the design with construction methods and control costs that are not driven by the design choices.

The poster display describes the process developed by KGS Group where finding an economic solution requires diligence, expertise, and a robust method for optimizing. It describes how the solution evolved at each stage, the choices selected, and the result achieved when applying this process to the development of an unpowered dam. The results include solutions to address spilling capacity, environmental releases and construction diversion flows.

Presenter Information

Stefan Kohnen

Stefan Kohnen
Regional Manager
KGS Group
Poster Presenter