Clean Currents 2022

Meet and Greet with Asset Owners: Consumers Energy Company (CMS Energy)

Meet Asset Owners Who Are Sharing Plans for Capital Investment in Hydro!

Join hydro project owner representatives as they reveal what is in their organizations’ “capital investment pipelines” in the next five years.

Hear about plans for investing in plant modernization, dam safety, and/or environmental enhancements.

Then, meet the individuals who will be procuring the services and products required for this work and/or responsible for managing these capital improvements.

About Consumers Energy (CMS Energy)
Consumers Energy is embarking on an approximately $350 million spillway and hydraulic barrier modernization effort at its Hardy project.

In addition, the utility is in the midst of conducting “listening” sessions with communities and stakeholders across Michigan, regarding the impacts of its 13 hydroelectric projects along five rivers that run through the state. These assets were built between 1906 and 1935; CMS Energy’s heritage is rooted in these renewable energy sources.

Consumers Energy also co-owns and operates the Ludington Pumped Storage Facility on the shores of Lake Michigan, which is currently the 5th largest pumped-storage facility in the world.

As the utility looks to the future, it’s going coal-free and shifting to 90% clean energy resources in order to create a more sustainable Michigan for generations to come. And, hydro continues to contribute. For example, the utility’s Ludington facility will continue to serve as one of the world’s biggest electric batteries capable of providing energy at a moment’s notice.

Presenter Information

Adam Monroe

Adam Monroe
Executive Director of Hydro Operations
Consumers Energy Company (CMS Energy)