Clean Currents 2022

Hydrogen, Floating Solar, Cryptocurrency, and More: Opportunities for Hydro?

Come to this Roundtable Dialogue ready to discuss potential opportunities for hydro to co-locate or pair with hydrogen, solar, irrigation systems, water supply/water treatment centers, or cyrptocurrency mining centers

How does pairing hydropower with hydrogen production, cryptocurrency mining, or data centers work?

What does partnering with with irrigators or water supply/water treatment providers look like?

What are the possibilities of “hybrid” configuration – combining one or more renewable technologies together to maximize benefits? (think, for example, placing solar panels on a hydro project reservoir).

This roundtable-style facilitated open discussion among all the attendees in the room provides a forum to share the opportunities … and the challenges … to consider.

“Conversation Starters” will be on hand to get the discussion flowing!

Presenter Information

Andrew Munro

Andrew Munro
Associate Chief Resource Officer
Grant County Public Utility District

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