Clean Currents 2022

Focus on the Philippines: Reliable Renewable Energy Survives Typhoon and is the Only Power for Kilometers

In the small village of Kibanban in Northern Mindanao Philippines, the Helios Micro-Grid system has provided power for three years. In December of 2021 the new PowerWheel, was added to the system.

As Typhoon Odette (Rai) approached the water levels increased in the canal and the source river dramatically. The flooding caused no damage to Helios’ PowerWheel. Before the villagers abandoned the site for shelter, they raised the wheel out of the water to protect it. The Typhoon destroyed most of the utility grid leaving the entire areas in a blackout. Fuel could not be delivered to stand by generators.

When the Kibanban villagers returned, they promptly lowered the unit back into the water and for a month produced the only power in the area. The villagers in the area were able to communicate with loved ones and authorities during this trying time. We have video reports from the villagers.

This has proven the durability of the technology to produce power reliably for extended periods of time with over 180,000 hours of operation in multiple deployments. From the jungles of South Asia to the mountains of California, the modularity allows for quick deployment for reliable power wherever water is flowing. For single units powering SCADA systems to series of units providing power on or off grid. All of these examples have been proven for operation for more than three years on multiple units in multiple locations.

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Michael Carroll

Michael Carroll
HeliosAltas Corp
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