Clean Currents 2022

Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Workshop: Hydropower Modernization Strategies & Processes: Leveraging Clean & Renewable Infrastructure (Invite Only)

The EPRI Hydropower Modernization Strategies and Processes Workshop is focused on driving meaningful dialog and knowledge transfer between asset owners and operators. Many hydropower plants across a range of owners are facing a common confluence of evolving market conditions, relicensing requirements, and legacy asset management. This workshop is designed to act as a forum for owners to discuss lessons they have learned as well as to solicit feedback from the broader owner community. Those who would benefit from attending this workshop are hydropower asset owners and operators interested in engaging in a dialog with fellow utility members about modernization processes and needs. Personnel who engage in modernization planning, implementation, and management activities are particularly encouraged to attend. Registrants must be already registered for the Clean Currents conference.

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Mark Christian

Mark Christian
Technical Leader
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Session Organizer

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