Clean Currents 2023 is October 10-13 in Cincinnati, Ohio. | Duke Energy Convention Center

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Clean Currents 2023

Lloyd (Buddy) Lee

Buddy Lee has been active in the field of machinery monitoring for over 30 years, publishing several papers and presenting at various conferences and seminars. In 1989, he joined CSI as an Applications Engineer and was subsequently promoted to sales, where he was Salesman of the Year in 1992. Buddy’s interest turned to Industrial Reliability in 2004, and he became a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) in 2007. He co-organized and led the development of the Greater East Tennessee Chapter of the SMRP in 2010. In 2012, he was confirmed as the Chairman of the Membership Committee for the National SMRP. He became a Certified Reliability Leader (CRL) in May of 2015. He joined Emerson as an instructor in April of 2018. In October of 2022, Buddy joined Mesa Associates as a Subject Matter Expert in Artificial Intelligence applications in heavy-asset industries. Buddy holds a BSEE and MBA from the University of Tennessee and is a co-holder of US Patent #6,276,213 “Signal Conditioner for a Vibration Sensor.” In 2018 Buddy became an ISO compliant Category 3 Vibration Analyst.


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