Clean Currents 2023 is October 10-13 in Cincinnati, Ohio. | Duke Energy Convention Center

For any questions regarding Clean Currents 2023 email NHA or call us at +1.816.588.4639.

Clean Currents 2023

Mark Weimar

Mark Weimar, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has over 40 years of experience. Dr. Weimar has developed program and project-specific economics and financial analyses. Dr. Weimar has worked on several grid specific projects for the US Department of Energy including the Smart Grid Report to Congress, the impact of market structure on grid operations and policy, evaluating and removing barriers to the increasing solar penetration, evaluating the barriers to market penetration by batteries on the grid, evaluating the effectiveness of tools to increase trade in electricity across market areas, and the benefits of synchrophasors in the transmission grid. Dr. Weimar is currently working on two resilience valuation projects. Dr. Weimar evaluates electricity grid resources such as geothermal, nuclear, wind, solar, pumped storage hydropower and hydrogen for economic feasibility in meeting grid needs. Dr. Weimar earned his Ph.D. from the Department of Economics at Iowa State University.


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