Clean Currents 2023

A6b: New Real-Time Position Measuring System for Hydraulic Piston Accumulators on HPUs

New modern Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) require precise control of the hydraulic energy reserve in the piston accumulator station. This was traditionally accomplished by a cable attached to the piston inside the accumulator and connected via a magnet moving inside a tube, alongside a linear position transducer (LVDT).

Now a new approach has been developed using a laser through a specific high-pressure glass.

The laser is able to measure the position of the piston, in real time, without having a cable that could damage the piston seals or the wall of the accumulator. Using the signal from the laser sensor, an adapted digital display or a vertical bar graph would be able to show the real time, relative position of the piston inside the accumulator, to the maintenance crew.

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Patrice Martel

Patrice Martel
Hydropower System Specialist
Hydac International
Poster Presenter

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