Clean Currents 2022

Workplace Strategies to Retain and Motivate Staff

**This workshop is part of your conference registration—no additional enrollment or payment is required**Even in the best of times, ensuring our workplace environment is safe, positive, and productive can be difficult. Add COVID, the Great Resignation, and hybrid workers, and the challenge has become even greater.

This workshop — filled with storytelling and case studies — helps attendees improve and enhance their workplace environments by collaborating to build teams and better understanding communication styles in order to remove barriers in the workplace.

The workshop focuses on:
1) Purpose – When we know our purpose, what we do and how we’re helping society and the greater good, we like our jobs because we’re making the world a better place.
2) Supervisors connecting with their teams – There’s extreme value in supervisors knowing their employees, what’s going on in their world, and what makes them tick.
3) Teammates connecting with teammates – We need to get our teammates engaging with each other, because it turns out while we think we work for a company, we really want to do a good job for the people we work with.

You’ll leave the workshop with tools you can put to work immediately.

About the Instructor
With 26 years as a CEO, Barry has learned a lot about successful management and leadership.

He wrote an award-winning book, Connect! How to Quickly Collaborate for Success in Business and Life, where he divulges the secrets to developing great company culture and highly productive teams.

Barry has been featured on Fox Business News, the CBS Evening News, NPR, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Forbes.
**This workshop is part of your conference registration—no additional enrollment or payment is required**

Presenter Information

Barry Moline

Barry Moline
Executive Director
California Municipal Utilities Association
Workshop Leader

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