Clean Currents 2022

Public Safety around Dams: Federal Programs Undergoing Significant Change — Are You Prepared?

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Focus on the critically important topic of public safety in this informative 2-hour workshop.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s recent amendment to its Part 12 Dam Safety regulations governing the safety of hydroelectric projects includes significant changes for dam owners’ public safety programs. The Commission is anticipating issuance of new Public Safety Guidelines in the near future.

FERC’s revised guidelines are anticipated to align with the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) and the Bureau of Reclamation risk assessment-based approaches, which are consistent with the Canadian Dam Association published guidelines.

Understanding this federal collective approach is critical for anyone responsible for hydroelectric projects, non-hydro dams, or those who are consulting managers. A dam owner’s program will need to be more than just a facility map showing signs, gates, and booms. After attending this workshop, you will understand why the risk assessment-based approach is better for the management of your assets.

This workshop is for you if you want to know:

1) What’s on the horizon for project owners to develop a public safety plan
2) Why is FERC adopting a Risk Assessment approach? What has changed?
3) How to identify effective risk reduction measures for only the most critical risk activities
4) How to be able to develop capital budgets that are targeted and phased appropriately
5) What requires incident reporting under the FERC April 2022 updated Part 12 rules
6) How to meet the FERC expectation to integrate Public Safety into your FERC Part 12 inspections
7) How Risk Assessments are done with results focusing on dam operations, not actions out of an owner’s control
8) Why a corporate culture of embracing public safety makes good business sense and is worth making it a stand-alone program (separate from dam safety)

**This workshop is part of your conference registration—no additional enrollment or payment is required**

Presenter Information

Diane Barr

Diane Barr
Principal Regulatory Specialist
Camas, LLC
Workshop Leader

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