Clean Currents 2022

New Tool to Identify Best Opportunities for Adding Power Generation and Energy Storage to Existing Dams: Tech Demo 1 in the Innovation Power House

Give your feedback on a new tool for prioritizing the existing dams that are most suitable for retrofitting for electric power generation and energy storage.

While there are more than 80,000 dams in the U.S., most are impounding water for use in irrigation, water supply, navigation, and recreation … not for electric power generation. So, great opportunities exist for adding a power component.

But, how do you know which dams are most feasible for adding generation and energy storage?

Idaho National Laboratory, in partnership with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Sapere Consulting, is working on a tool for analyzing the feasibility of retrofitting existing “non-powered” dams with generation and energy storage technologies. Developers are looking for feedback on the tool.

The tool provides “development feasibility” ratings based on adding generation paired with energy storage (batteries, hydrogen, pumped storage hydro) to existing dams.
The tool also incorporates site-specific data related to the transmission grid, community, economics, and environment, with the objective of being able to quantify local benefits by adding power generation and energy storage to specific dams.

Presenter Information

Usama Usman

Usama Usman
Research Scientist, Energy Systems, Power & Energy Systems Department
Idaho National Laboratory (INL), U.S. Department of Energy
Demonstration Speaker