Clean Currents 2022

Meet and Greet with Asset Owners: California Department of Water Resources

Meet Asset Owners Who Are Sharing Plans for Capital Investment in Hydro!

Join hydro project owner representatives as they reveal what is in their organizations’ “capital investment pipelines” in the next five years.

Hear about plans for investing in plant modernization, dam safety, and/or environmental enhancements.

Then, meet the individuals who will be procuring the services and products required for this work and/or responsible for managing these capital improvements.

About California Department of Water Resources’ Power Portfolio
The state agency has 9 hydropower projects, 2 of which are joint developments with other agencies. DWR’s share of the total capacity is 1,595 MW. Plant capacities vary with water delivery requirements.

Presenter Information

David Rennie

David Rennie
Manager, State Water Project Asset Management Office
California Department of Water Resources (DWR)