Clean Currents 2022

Machine Condition Monitoring — New Developments: Tech Demo 1 in the Innovation Power House

To maximize the value of the Bureau of Reclamation’s power production assets, condition-based improvements are being pursued to help optimize maintenance. This requires the collection of a variety of data to help monitor the condition of generating resources.

For more than a decade, Reclamation’s research program has funded the development and enhancement of a Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM) data-collection system. The system uses commercial hardware with Reclamation-developed software for data visualization, trending, and storage.

The MCM system is currently monitoring 41 generating units with plans to double this number in the next couple of years.

Recent system improvements include new display graphics for rough-zone mapping and the addition of small wireless sensors that can be mounted to the generator rotor to monitor parameters such as displacement, strain, temperature, and vibration.

This Tech Demo highlights the new developments. Stop by to see these enhancements and to share ideas on what new technology is needed to further enhance generator monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Presenter Information

Jim DeHaan

Jim DeHaan
Senior Electrical Engineer, Hydropower Diagnostics Team, Technical Services Center
Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior
Demonstration Speaker